The Gin Blog- Dedicated to Gin

If you had said Gin would make a comeback a decade ago and be the ‘IT’ drink of the past 5 years you would have got a doubtful expression from most publicans. The opinion of gin has done a complete 180 in the past few years. Gin consumption jumped by a whopping 31.6% per year in 2016 to make it easily the country’s fastest-growing spirit that year and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Gin distilleries are popping up everywhere. Empty Hendrick Gin bottles are being reused and strewed across the city as hip, alternative candle holders in bars and restaurants alike. Millennials are collecting them either as centerpieces for their weddings or to scatter around their new homes acting as candle holders or vases for flowers.

At Gin Palace their loving the revival and appreciation of the drink they’ve loved since before it was on-trend. They recently had a photoshoot to celebrate this clean, subtle tasting drink that has taken the country back by storm.

The Gin Palace recommends and encourages tasting a selection. They have the largest selection of gin in Dublin making it hard to choose just one. Offering tasting trays for those who want to get a true tasting and comparison. Their motto is sample, taste and then choose a blend.

Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in the heart of Dublin with a hint of French-inspired design. The Gin Palace offers a truly unique experience letting you sip your cocktail while facing a 19th-century French coat of arms emblazoned with “Suivez Raison” or “Follow Reason” which was imported when the bar was opened by Louis Fitzgerald.


Let me offer you, gin lovers, a suggestion, enjoy a gin cocktail with the core ingredient being Glendalough gin. This gin has a lovely subtle but sweet flavor with notes of floral, fruit, spicy and blackberry flavors. A perfect balance of flavor without ruining the juniper notes and it’s distilled right here in Ireland.

If you’re torn between a few from The Gin Palaces large selection, enjoy one of their tasting trays!